Originality and Common Sense

Original Writing

You can argue perfectly well using the techniques of argumentation (exemplification, cause and consequence, quotation, etc …). However, your writing needs to have something called originality. This is where the “cat leap” comes in: you do not have to have fanciful ideas to be original. For you to write with originality just avoid the so-called common sense.

The Common Sense

Common sense is formed by those ready and universal ideas, of the “Mary goes with the others” type. They are worn-out ideas that everyone uses, that lives out there and that makes your writing as boring and uninteresting as most open TV programs.

The most boring of these ideas is the awareness of the population, which is a kind of universal solution to all the problems of humanity. When writing is poor in content and in arguments, it ends up appealing to “awareness”, since it has nothing better to say.

If the topic of writing is, for example, about “sustainability”, the wording is written like this: the population needs to be made aware of sustainability. If the theme is traffic chaos, the wording is written like this: the public must be made aware of how to use public transport more. If the theme is “coexistence in society,” the writing comes like this: people have to be made aware of the life of society, leading them to reflect that personal freedom should not compromise that of another person.

And there goes … it is necessary to raise awareness here, it is necessary to be aware there and ready: the writing is done, in a generic way, without originality, being guided by the common sense of awareness. When you get such writing, you do not even have to read all the text because you already know how it will end.

If you want to talk about awareness, then tell us how we should raise awareness, explain what tools we should use, tell us what initiatives we should have, clarify who should raise awareness, explain where resources will come, say what needs to be done to raise awareness and deepen this question.

Another example is the Milagreiro Government. Common sense says that all the problems in America are the fault of the government and only he is able to solve them, as if he were a kind of superman.

If the issue is “the problem of education”, for example, this problem is only caused by the lack of government investment. If the theme is “road traffic accidents,” this can only be resolved by government investment. If the theme is “poverty,” this problem is only solved with government investment. And so we just wrote another essay packed with common-sense ideas, blaming the government for all the country’s problems and giving it a “miracle” character, as if it lavished resources and had an infinite surplus to invest the maximum possible in all at the same time.

Now, we must not forget that a country is not only made by the government. There are NGOs, institutions, companies, media, opinion makers and the whole society to help solve the country’s problems.

Another example of common sense: “all politicians are corrupt, thieves and etc …”. So all that bad happens in the United States is because of corruption.

Well, first, who is the one who puts the comrade in a suit and tie in the National Congress? No wonder there is a maxim that says: the nation has the rulers it deserves to have. After all, it is we who have the power to vote and to choose who goes to the Plateau, and besides, we have the commitment, as citizens, to follow the political facts of our country, living up to our democracy.

So being in the common sense is being carried away by what everyone says; is not to worry about thinking for oneself, but rather to allow others to think, agreeing to what everyone says.

Imagine the evaluator picking up that stack of papers and correcting a lot of similar texts, all of them saying that the people need to be aware of it and that the government needs to invest more in it, more in that … So imagine, finally, a wording that argues a different way. It does not have to be a magical or miraculous idea: just be different, just say anything else that is coherent and does not follow the rationale of everything is government awareness and investment. This essay, which does not follow the ideas of common sense, is already original and has already detached itself from the pile of texts.

So never forget this: being original does not necessarily mean being innovative, but being different, running away from common sense.